1998 Reunion Pictures

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Here are some of the group shots of the people who attended the 1998 Delta Reunion. These photos were taken by Dave Olszewski utilizing a digital camera. They are the original untouched images from the camera. Click on the picture to zoom in on the larger but grainier 640x480 rendering.

In the beginning era (DICE through Dupont 360):

Linda Ruff, Ron Dozier, Gary Luckenbaugh, Dan Grim, Aron Insinga, George Robbins, Dave Olszewski, David Corbishley.

The Dupont 358 era:

Bob Mader, Ernie Perez, Ron Dozier, Tony Eros, Gary Luckenbaugh, Alan Flippen, Jim Stallings, Andy Cardinal, Phil Bernosky, Ralph Gonzalez.

The Willard Hall era:

Kendall Redburn, Ernie Perez, Bob Mader, Ron Dozier, Tony Eros, Alan Flippen, Rich Thomson, Jim Stallings, Ed Tecot, Bruce Siegell, Phill Bernosky, Ralph Gonzalez.

The Deltoids from all eras reunited:

Linda Ruff, Gary Luckenbaugh, George Robbins, Ralph Gonzalez, Tony Eros, Ron Dozier, Dan Grim, Ernie Perez, Aron Insinga, Ed Tecot, Rich Thomson, Jim Stallings, Kendall Redburn, Alan Flippen, John Berryhill, Bruce Siegell, Phil Bernosky, David Corbishley, Bob Mader, Andy Cardinal, Dave Olszewski.

Here's everybody including the family members and other straglers:

Back row: Pete Warter, Linda Ruff, Dan Grim, Gayle Luckenbaugh, Gary Luckenbaugh, Rachel and Jonas Insinga, Aron Insinga, Merle Insinga, Cecelia Mader, Don Ahrens, Lora Dudrick, Bruce Siegell, Phil Bernosky, Ralph Gonzalez, Kendall Redburn, Bob Mader, Dave Olszewski. In front: John Berryhill's SO name?, Ed Tecot and son Gabe, John Berryhill, Ron Dozier, George Robbins, Tony Eros, Mary Beth and Christopher Luckenbaugh, Ernie Perez, Jim Stallings, Rich Thomson, Alan Flippen, Andy Cardinal, David Corbishley. Not pictured but in attendance: Christine and Lucas Tecot.