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Re: Minor Corrections ...

Hi Randy,

Glad you enjoyed the pictures. Thanks for clearing me up on those B7700 
details. I've update the page accordingly...


Quoting Randall Gellens <randy@pensive.org>:
Minor Corrections for http://www.eecis.udel.edu/~mader/delta/erniepics.html

> Wow, those pictures sure brought back memories.
> A few very minor corrections:
> The B7700's operating system was the MCP (Master Control Program). 
> The combination shell and editor was CANDE (Command AND Edit).  Bob 
> Rahe and I fixed that annoying half-duplex issue around 1981 or so by 
> allowing it to work in full-duplex mode (we hacked the DCP (Data 
> Control Processor), the front-end that talked to the terminals, to do 
> full-duplex.  To our total shock, it ended up faster than the DEC-10, 
> which was built for full-duplex.
> --Randy