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Re: PDP-11 Sims

Hi Tom,

Not sure about the BasicPlus runtime question. I'm forwarding your message
to the Delta RSTS mailing list. Maybe one of the retro RSTS guru's will
respond... Great hearing from you!


On Thu, 16 Nov 2000, Tom Sevy wrote:

> Bob,
> I don't think we ever met, but I was out on the edge of Delta.   About the
> time it changed from T. Green to Ed Boaz.  I graduated high school in 1978,
> and never returned to visit although I did work for a brief time with Ron
> Dozier and Ann around 1979-1980.
> Anyway, I downloaded ersatz-11 to play with it, and am downloading
> w95rsts.zip.  This zip appears to include TECO and RSX.
> Can you tell me if there is available a BasicPlus runtime anywhere to load
> onto this emulation?
> Thank you,
> Tom Sevy
> Newark, DE