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Delta's Internet Presence

The following is an excerpt from my email from a person in South Africa
that I recently corresponded with.  

Thanks Bob for making Project Delta findable!

By the way, I thought Project Delta inspiring. I came across it a month or
two ago when I was helping a friend (who is in education) look for
information. They're busy re-structuring the education system here. And as
is the trend in South Africa, instead of thinking up a solution for our
own situation they are looking at education models and ideas from other
countries for guidance!

I told my brother about the coincidence of reading about Project Delta and
then coming across you personally. He doesn't think it strange. Just the
Mongolia effect kicking in - my mind attention window was opened to that
topic and your name, and then later my pattern matcher rang a bell at your
name. That usually one misses a lot of so called "coincidences" because
one isn't paying attention.