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FW: RSTS/E V10.1

Hi folks,

This is scary... I'm got an e-mail from somebody who is still running RSTS, 
even upgrading to the latest (?) version... Y2K, no doubt. I guess he stumbled 
across the history site. Anyway, send him mail if you think you can help...


-----Original Message-----
From:	Jerry R. Morgan, CPIM [SMTP:JMorgan@ncweb.com]
Sent:	Tuesday, June 15, 1999 9:49 PM
To:	n3lym@amsat.org
Subject:	RSTS/E V10.1

Hi Bob,
I have just purchased RSTS/E v10.1 from Mentec.  I am using Dibol v5.2 for my
language but I don't know how to compile and link the Dibol programs with this
version.  I was using v9.2 before and had a Basic program to do the build.  Do
you know how to compile and link with a user library (USERLB)?  I would
appreciate any help you can provide.  Thanks  Jerry Morgan JMorgan@ncweb.com