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a couple of random game references

This weekend I found a reference to one of the games
from Project DELTA that ended up in one of David Ahl's
books:  Clark Baker's implementation of LIFE (modified
by Steve North of _Creative Computing_) was in
_BASIC Computer Games (Microcomputer Edition)_
Ed. by David H. Ahl.  [The reference was in hardcopy
I had saved of my e-mail reply back in 1992 to someone
at DEC who was looking for the rules.  My copies of
whichever of those books themselves I have are still
buried someplace.  I did get rid of 2 boxes of paper
to the 1/2 box I kept.  Someday I'll get down through
all the strata.]

Also, remember the Guess the Animal game in BASIC?
Here's a variant with a web interface, but for dictators
and TV sitcom characters (not so useful for taxonomy
lessons as the animals were):


- Aron