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Hi folks,

I have tried some OCRing and had various degrees of sucess depending on the 
font and quality of the original. Most of the Delta docs were formatted 
monospaced ASCII and I have yet to figure out a good way to get the OCR 
software to reproduce this style of formatting (e.g. the right number of 
spaces or tabs). I'm using Xerox "non-deluxe" version of something that came 
with a scanner. Also have "access" to an Adobe OCR product, but have not yet 
liberated it to my system. Anybody have any recommendations?

Happy holidays!


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From:	Ed Tecot [SMTP:tecot@cs.stanford.edu]
Sent:	Monday, December 21, 1998 6:59 PM
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Subject:	TECO.DOC

In the process of moving a bunch of stuff for phase 2 of our remodel, I
found a printed copy of TECO.DOC, dated 27-May-75, and likely written by
Aron, since the document directs comments to him via GRIPE.  I'll mail a
copy to anyone who would like to OCR it.