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Re: Do you recognize me

On Thu, 14 May 1998 17:47:32 -0600 Rich Thomson <rthomson@ptc.com>
>Dave, most of the people you mentioned are on this list...
>As for the bar, yes its called the Deer Park, but as far as it being
>one of "Poe's favorite haunts", I think its more like he drank a beer
>there once and they latched onto it as some sort of claim to fame.
Yes, but he allegedly spent more than one drunken stupor there.  The
previous owners (whom I knew back then) claimed that he was inspired to
write "The Raven" when a pesky bird bothered him while there.  They used
to even have a stuffed raven in a display window there.  I don't know if
the new owners (who upgraded the place after buying it in the 1980's
sometime) got rid of the raven or not.


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