The History of Project Delta

An old PDP-8/I

What was Project Delta?

Deltoid Kid

Project Delta was an incredible learning experience that introduced thousands of Delaware high school students to computing in the 1960's and 70's. Delta was founded on the radical idea that computers in education can be run by the students. At Delta, the students ran the computer, installed the terminals at the schools, improved the operating system, and invented early versions of things like e-mail and on-line chat. This web site is dedicated to recording and preserving the history of Project Delta.

Accounts of Delta's History

Welcome back

The Comprehensive Delta Timeline

Teresa Green was Delta's founder. Here is her Memoir of Delta.

A Brief History of Early Project Delta compiled by Alan Flippen in 1980

Clark Baker's Memories of DSAA: Project DELTA

Gary Luckenbaugh's Recollections of Delta

And in the end: Alan Flippen's "Unofficial" History of Project Delta

The Delta Scrapbook

Deltoid w/ camera

Aron Insinga's Pictures of 360 DuPont Hall

Ernie's Collection of UDCC and Willard Pictures

Examples of some graphics programs by Ralph Gonzalez

Some People Pictures from the Reunion.

Deltoid Alumni Resources

Information overload

Account Listings in case you've forgotten your PPN!

Delta Alumni Directory

Archives of the Deltoids Mailing List

RSTS/E is on the air!

Too many bits

Download versions of RSTS/E that you can use on Bob Supnik's PDP-11 simulator on your PC.

Preserving Computing's Past: Restoration and Simulation by Max Burnet and Bob Supnik

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